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The Foundation Expert is a Certified General Contracting Firm, operating under the direction of several Professional Engineers and engineering principles, with license and certification in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. Since 1973, we have inspected thousands of foundations and have started and successfully completed thousands of residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, and public work projects.

It takes 8 years to become a Certified Professional Engineer (PE). It only takes 8 hours to become a licensed Home Improvement Sales Contractor, no qualifications necessary. NONE! You just have to sit in a classroom for 8 hours. So, which do you choose – a paid inspection from the Engineering Company to find out what truly is causing your foundation and / or water problem or a “free estimate” from a sales person who wants to ‘sell’ you something so they can get paid a commission? “Don’t let your American Dream turn into your worst nightmare!” Find out why we’re the highest rated company on Angie’s List.

Why We are best

  • Certified Engineering & General
    Contracting for the Home
  • Licensed, Bonded, Certified, Insured
  • Zero Tolerance for Complaints
  • Highest Level of Quality & Expertise
  • 100% customer satisfaction on every project
  • References & Testimonials

What Our Clients says

What can I say other than Sam Weisgal (the owner) gets it. When I say "it", I mean the concept of professional service and all that concept entails. If you've worked with any contractors on any significant project related to your home, you will know that's no small feat in the home improvement industry.
, Arlington